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Multi-Million Dollar Scams

Successful Money Scams
by Korifaeus

Does the United States need poor people to help the economy ? To some extend, yes, otherwise a lot of businesses would falter. The poor are needed by quite a few non-for-profit organizations supposedly helping the poor and homeless. If there was no poverty these orgs. would be out of business and would have no reason to exist.

The majority of money taken in by non-for-profits is used to pay its board members a respectable amount of annual income, as well as the professional fund-raisers employed by many of these organizations. Only the tiniest percentage goes to the “good cause”. The reason they’re registered as non-for-profits is so they don’t have to pay taxes.

The poor – not lower middle class, or those with modest income, but poor – are often times hired to participate in scams, as well; Medicaid scams, for example, and many gladly do so to support their drug or alcohol habits, or leisurely live on tax payer’s money. All that’s asked of them is to either go with complaints ( physical) to an emergency ward of a specific hospital, on a saturday; there they’ll be admitted and released the following monday.

The hospital bills Medicaid with enormous sums for tests that have not been administered, as well as the stay at the hospital. Those scams are very well known.

The other choice those on Medicaid and willing to make some extra buck, participating in a scam, are given, is to voluntarily check themselves into a psychiatric ward of a hospital, using alcoholism or drug use as reason for their voluntary checking in. In return they receive an envelope with up to $2000 dollar “cash”.

These scammers have to make sure not to get caught thus it’s in their best interest to use alcoholics, who gladly participate, or drug users. Should a scam participant ever want to snitch on those scammers, no one will believe them because they’re drug users, etc.

Take San Francisco for an example. The most liberal city in the nation with uncountable non-for-profits organizations. SF hospitals that are often filled with homeless drug users, usually living in the parks, on the streets, under bridges. etc. With all the money these orgs take in, how come they’ve been unable to get the homeless off the streets ? Because they need them.

Every year homeless from other parts of the country arrive in SF. It’s dreamland for homeless drug users. Many partake in Medicaid scams, as mentioned above. The ” goody two shoe” attitude of SF liberals, as well as others, stating that the homeless are welcome and can stay anywhere they want, ( freedom, etc.) is a great facade for the Medicaid scam business.

Many SF homeless, as well as Medicaid receivers from Oregon, San Diego, etc. were shipped to New York city to participate in the Wall Street protest. The sub-title of the protest should have been ” Medicaid receivers are welcome”.

A whole many that were almost daily arrested were brought to a hospital – not a police station. The hospitals made sure to charge Medicaid for the treatment the patients supposedly received. Though many hospitals call patients ” customers, nowadays, it’s a business, after all. You may wonder how they were able to live in the park, without going to work, for such long periods of time ? From the cash they get in an envelope for participating in the grand Medicaid scam.

The sad part is that it reflects terribly on our law enforcement, because 1. it’s well known ( including who’s behind the scams and running them) and not yet stopped. 2. Some cops are in on the take helping hospitals supply patients. Though bad cops are in the minority, they give good cops a bad name, and that’s unforgivable.

There are a great many cops out there with tremendous character, integrity and all the good stuff that makes someone a respectable cop. Their profession and reputation suffers because of some really terrible bad apples.

The poor having partaken in Medicaid scams, alongside cops being part of it, are often involved in 5RS ( 5 ring scams), as well. 5RS are fraudulent law suits, involving a lawyer, two cops, a witness and the “victim”.

If you’ve ever wondered why many multi-million dollar lawsuits have video, or cell phone footage of the assault, thus evidence, it’s because it’s most of the time a set up. Unless it’s a set up, hardly any assault on innocent people will see a day in court.

Most innocently assaulted people won’t get help from any of the liberal orgs, it’s been tested and proven many times over. It’s usually ” Big Brother” who ends up helping, while looking deeper into matters where innocent people, who’ve been assaulted by different entities, were refused help from lawyers, Attorney General offices, even the ACLU, which is not surprising. The ACLU will sue, however, if Santa Claus’ suit is too pink, offending the gay community, or such.

Due to Big Brother having to look into matters where innocent people were refused help, many of these scams were uncovered. Big Brother is not the bad guy. Big brother is the one trying to protect folks, the reason why there’s surveillance just about everywhere nowadays. Not to sneak a look into people’s private lives, but protect folks. The only ones fearing and propagating against Big Brother’s are those who have something to hide, afraid to get caught.

Major lawsuits involving millions of tax payer money, are usually fraudulent scams. The witness is with his/her camera at the place where the assault is said to take place. It’s often arranged by the lawyer involved in the scam, having arranged it with the “client”, i.e., the poor person willing to partake in the scam for monetary gain. The cops will stop the “victim”, assault him/her, the witness films, creating the evidence, – all is set up to smoothly get into the court.
It’s not unusual for Judges, D.A.’s, etc. ( assistant D.A.s) to be involved, as well.
These are multi-million dollar scams, after all, and money talks, … to those without scruples.

The cops will eventually have to admit in having used unnecessary force. Just a kick in the butt can look brutal on film and create nasty looking blue spots, but is essentially harmless – a few blue spots are very effective on a photo, especially for the jury, and worth the effort and amount of money the victim of such a scam will be rewarded.

Just as most cops are respectable and hard working folks getting a bad name because of corrupt individuals, the good name of Lawyers, Judges, the Judicial system in general, is as well dragged through the mud because of lawyers engaging in scams such as these. Thus please remember, there are trustworthy respectable cops as well as lawyers, with great character out there, and their profession suffers as well, because of some terribly bad apples.

These two scams, Medicaid and 5RS are the two most successful scams in the country, robbing this country of its funds. Can we blame people thinking less and less of liberals, especially the far left, non for profits orgs., lawyers, including our far left representatives , when actually all they’re trying to do is trying to keep the poor poor, because they ” need” the poor to enrich themselves on them ? I think not.

But it’s not just happening in our country. It’s spread world-wide and happens in most every western country with a social welfare system. Millions upon millions of people move to these countries to get a free ride, willing to partake in scams such as these.

Sounds harsh ?
Truth hurts. But there is a time when we need to face the truth and either enforce a change or allow scam artists to run our country.



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