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Why are handsome young American men Impotent ?

The Impotence Pandemic
by Korifaeus

Handsome, young, a bright white smile luring in the misses – he gets to first base, second base, terrific, and then ” I’ll be right back” – he goes to the kitchen to pop a pill, returns to the couch to neck some more, gives it some time for the pill to take its effect, then lights the candle in the bedroom.

It’s about timing, i suppose, when men are impotent, because that pill won’t last all night. And spontaneous love making is out of the question. They’re not yet in their 50s and already impotent. What happened ? Men used to be able to make make love until … well, remember Abraham and Sarah ?

I’m watching TV and am astonished to see that the men in Cialis and Viagra commercials are getting younger and younger. At first it showed white haired older gentlemen in their 70’s seductively grinning at their mature mates or dates, she seemingly happy because he took Viagra or Cialis. ( pills for erectile dysfunction).

Over the years the males became younger and younger, but also more handsome. At first it looks as though it’s a commercial for dating websites, or a new product for everlasting health called ” Miracle youth”, or such, because the men look so darn healthy until… oops, Narration:” If you’re experiencing erectile disfunction… ”

Then there are the commercials with enticing young women – their healthy thick hair highlighted by the sun with wind blowing through it – she runs through the meadow – tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from …
– nope, not Ipanema – the girl with STD. A drug commercial advertising meds for genital herpes.

If i was a man my heart would fall out of me, after just being teased by a gorgeous girl smiling at me from the TV screen.

What seems odd is that only the handsomest, most healthy looking young men appear to be in need of Cialis or Viagra, and only the most alluring, sexy and healthy looking young females have genital herpes, regularly using STD meds.

Homely guys and girls don’t get STD’s, don’t ye know. And only the handsome young fellows are impotent. Guess it’s time to work on some new pick up lines.

” Wow, are you handsome, sir. Are you impotent ?”
Excuse me, young lady, you’re quite beautiful if i may say so; you don’t happen to have an STD, do you ?



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