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The Great Satan, … not ?

The World in our Hands
by Koriaeus

If i don’t like anything then it’s victim mentalities = Whiners constantly complaining they have no power and the world is not fair.

There are two kinds of victim mentalities;the passive aggressive ones who end up doing nothing, usually ending up alcoholics, on drugs or medications, never to exit their homes, encouraged by modern-day Psychiatry to believe it’s not their fault they feel that way, because they have a ” physical” illness called Chemistry imbalance.

The other are the aggressive passive ones; their private lives in shambles, unable to get or hold a job, attending most every protest trying to save the world, while unable to save their own world. More than 90% of leftist leaning speaker-uppers putting down America, capitalism, etc. are unable to take control of their own lives, but… want to save the world. The ” Saving the world syndrome” is usually a shoo-in sign that their life is out of control.

First take control of yourself, then go save the world, is my message to them.

I have a lot of respect for Sean Penn as an actor. He’s an incredibly talented actor – all the respect to him. But his private life is not something one could call “exemplary”, according to what’s reported, and he appears not to have full control of himself, according to what’s reported. BUT… wants to save the world.
It’s a reflection of himself – he wants to save his own world, but apparently can’t, thus goes out to try and save THE world.
What irony.

This country is still governed by the people. It’s still “For the people – Of the people – and By the people”, with the only difference that the people don’t believe it anymore, because they’re brainwashed by the left who benefit greatly from “victim mentalities”.

The more the left can talk people into being victims, the more power they’ll have over them. People end up believing and following everything they’re being told by the left. No longer thinking for themselves but doing as they’re told.

We’re told there aren’t enough jobs out there. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Pick up any paper and look through the job section. Jobs upon jobs are offered.
Walk through your cities and look at store windows. ” We Employ” – ” Help wanted” –
But these jobs aren’t good enough for spoiled Americans who live an easier lifestyle being on welfare.

Since so many jobs are available, businesses have no other choice than give these jobs to foreign workers willing to work. When that happens, however, the left screams that jobs are given to foreign workers. No matter what, they find a reason to complain, using it against America, with the unison support from all those preferring to live on welfare.

Welfare and Social security was a wonderful creation, to assure workers’ well being should they fall ill, unable to work for the amount of time they need to get well again. It was created for the sole purpose of providing monetary assistance should a
“temporary” situation occur enabling them to work.

It was not meant to provide a lifestyle.

Prior to social security people were forced to take responsibility for themselves, having to work, as well as save money for their retirement. Depending on their ability to save, they could choose when they wanted to retire.

If someone was unable to work for a period of time they were taken care of by their family; family meant something; folks took care of one another. Thus people’s lives were in their own hands.

Now, however, they’re told when they’re allowed to retire, with the retirement age constantly going up. Retirement age for men is almost 70 i believe. Years ago it was 60. Retirement decisions should be left to everyone individually, because it’s an individual decision.

The only ones apparently appreciating America are the ones willing to work hard, and the foreign workers steadily migrating to this county because … we have jobs. The countries from which they come don’t have jobs for them thus they come here.
We HAVE jobs.

Many “legal” immigrants come here, some with their families, some without, to work, save money, then return to their country where they wish to retire, having built a house for themselves from the money they earned in the United States.

How is it that these legal foreign workers appear to see all the good this country has to offer ? Talking to them, inquiring what they think about America, one hears nothing but praise – ” In this country one can get to the top if willing to “work”, is something one is told again and again.

Jesus, the gardener, came to Los Angeles from Mexico with nothing but hope. He first worked for a gardening company and got a work permit allowing him to stay in this country. After only a year he succeeded in owning his own gardening business, knocking on doors of private houses, condominium buildings, businesses with front yards, offering them a good deal if they’d hire him to tend to their lawns and gardens.

With his business growing bigger, he needed to hire gardeners, thus creating jobs for fellow ” legal” immigrants. An American success story.

Freddy, too, came here from Guatemala, first working as an employee for a Janitorial company, now owning his own janitorial company. Another American success story.

As opposed to those on the left, workers like Jesus and Freddy don’t see themselves as victims of a Capitalist country, but as blessed a country such as The United States of America exists, giving them opportunities they never have in their own countries.

To quote Emma Lazarus’ sentiment of what Lady Liberty stands for:

Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
send these, the homeless, tempest to me.
I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door

And to those who’re lazy, preferring to live of their fellow country men’s taxes, do us all a favor and move to Russia, create yourself a New Soviet Union, close the Iron Curtain and let us have our country back.
The entire world will be indebted to you.



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