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Hilary Clinton new running mate for President Obama

Running mates
by Korifaeus

That may well be the first logical choice by President Obama; to pick Hilary Clinton as running mate for his second term. Possibly the reason why he appointed her secretary of State in the first place. He may believe she will give him the woman’s vote he’d need to win the race, but i tend to disagree.

The reason i disagree is because she’d be actually running against Mitt Romney’s wife and Ann Romney is a clear winner in the eyes of most women, including the left.

Liberal women like Mrs. Romney better than they like Hilary Clinton, whose biggest supporters are the feminists of not today, but yesteryear. She has hardly any support from the younger generation, the ones desiring to be full women again – wishing there would have never been a feminist era, with women having to prove themselves to be just as important as men.

The younger generation females are more secure about their femininity – they don’t have that feeling of inferiority some ( by far not all) of the former generation appeared to have, in need to impress men with their business sense, leader ship qualities, etc. They enjoy cooking for their boyfriends and husbands again. They want to be feminine females, be stay at home moms taking care of their children themselves, not being pressured to get a job, with half of the paycheck used for paying the nanny.

They want to use their intelligence to teach their children, bringing them up to become healthy and smart people who feel loved.
With a mother cooking them a meal, not having to get a Pizza for lunch everyday.

Ann Romney has become their super hero – the one they look up to.
But it was Laura Bush, who began changing the tone of female voters. They liked her, left and right alike. A real woman who stood by her man. It’s not only what women admired, but men as well. Men have grown utterly tired of feminists and wish they had a women standing by them, instead of telling them what to do.

Women have grown tired of feminists. Men have grown tired of feminists. No matter whom you talk to, no one wants to hear about feminists anymore. And me neither. I’m very comfy with my femininity, and those who aren’t should stop projecting their insecurity upon other women.

Ann Romney is Mitt Romney’s greatest asset. Likable, sympatico, smart, attractive and most importantly, “feminine”. Just what this country needs.

As far as Mitt Romney picking a running mate. Rubio is TOO young, not ready to be President. My choice, Chris Christie.
Though Greek, he comes across like a good old fashion latino and is liked by most latinos, as well as others, across the country, left and right – because of his down to earth appeal.
Mr. Romney and Mr. Christie would look great as a team.
Mr. Christie, sir. Why not give it another thought, … for the good of this country.



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