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How Drugs enhance our Perception of Reality

To be or not to be fully conscious
by Korifaeus

I don’t drink, don’t use drugs, prescription or otherwise, though occasional smoke a small cigar ( cigarillo) but other than that i experience the world the same way i experienced it when i was still a fancy free child = unadulterated.

When mentioning to folks that i don’t drink and such, i’m often asked :” What do you do for fun ?”

“Hmm, good question. Play piano, write, create comedy sketches, talk to friends inspiring me and making me laugh, etc ?”

Mind you i’m not a purist, nor someone advocating purist life styles. I don’t drink because i just don’t like the taste of alcohol; it’s as simple as that. I’ve tried alcohol. I’ve tasted beer, wine, liquor, but aside from it not being tasty to me and feeling “dizzy” afterward, due to alcohol depriving one of electrolytes, which results in dehydration causing us to feel “drunk” , i don’t get the point of voluntary dizziness.

Alcohol is also used as a numbing agent – it has the ability to numb us inside. But i don’t want to be numb. I’m a sensualist – i like to “feel” – feel all and everything i can possibly feel. I enjoy the indulgence of “feelings”.

” With your creativity you should try some pot”, i was told several times. ” It makes you see things clearly, opening channels in your brain – you’ll perceive way more than you’re able to see without it.”

That’s some of what Cannabis advocates propagate, and friends smoking pot.

To give it the benefit of doubt i tried pot years ago, as did many my age. To judge fairly and not be prejudice, adhering to my Devil’s advocate gene, i had to at least try it to be objective.

Well, let me just say that when i smoked a bong, some 20 years ago, i started having a tremendous craving for a can of peas. Gosh were they delicious. I also started finding everything silly. I looked at a friend of mine’s hair and was sure he was wearing a wig – i believed that i was the only one to realize he wore a wig, seeing it quite clearly.

There i sat amongst friends with a never-ending grin on my lips – they in return looked at me analytically inquiring how i liked it, me finally taking a puff. We sat in the living room for about two hours, eating snacks, talking. These two hours felt like an eternity and my walk to the bathroom seemed to take half a day. Gosh is their house HUGE, i kept thinking to myself, while the bathroom was actually just around the corner from the living room.

The next day, back in my own home, i reminisced about my pot experience, then called the friend i believed wore a wig, suggested to meet for a coffee.
I closely looked at his hair again, then told him what i believed i saw the night before being stone.

We laughed ourselves silly because it was clearly not a wig. In fact, he showed me that his hair was thinning at the wisdom corners and he decided to get some hair implants.

Thus instead of seeing things clearly, as i was told i would when smoking pot, i saw things utterly “distorted” – but while seeing things utterly distorted i was sure( due to the cannabis effect), 100% sure, that what i saw was true.

Then there is cocaine. ” Wow, the Holy man’s drug giving one energy”.

Working on a film production in the early 90’s, i shared my dinner table with some stunt men and women after a long day of shooting. We shot in Mexico. After dinner they each took out a small plastic zip lock bag filled with white powder, then used a credit card as a spoon, filling up the corner with the white powder, then placing it in front of each of their nostrils, sniffing the powder.

I was totally naive to that, never having observed such a thing. What’s that ?
” Koke. Want some ?”

” What does it taste like ? “, i asked.

Long story short, i put my right middle finger into the bag, slightly covering it with white powder, then put it carefully on the tip of my tongue to see what it tastes like.
AWFULLY BITTER. That’s what it tasted like; Awfully bitter; the tip of my tongue turned immediately numb. Thank goodness i only put a tiny amount on the very front tip of my tongue – it was the worst taste i ever tasted. How anyone can put it up their nose, under the tongue and who knows where, is utterly unfathomable to me.

And since it numbed the tip of my tongue to the point of me being unable to feel the tip of my tongue, what exactly does it to people using cocaine outside of numbing them ? Exactly, it numbs them – the senses – the mind.

What i’m now going to say will make Ann Coulter look like a flower child.
Since drugs, as innocent as pot, and drugs as powerful as cocaine, create a distorted view of reality, and numb our mind and senses, we need to enforce that all and every one of our publicly elected officials, including public servants such as teachers, as well as those in the private sector on who we depend and need to rely on to get this country back in shape – Bankers, Food and supplement manufacturers, Psychiatrists, etc. have to undergo strict and thorough drug testing.

Because quite frankly, i believe many of those appear to be numb and have a distorted view of reality.



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