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Homosexuals everywhere ?

What is a Homosexual ?
By Korifaeus

A Homo sexual in the literal sense of the word is someone who’s sexually attracted to a homo species, ( Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapiens) as opposed to animals, fish, fowl, insects or aliens, since the word homo stands for ” human.”
We have a tendency to misinterpret and misuse many words, and believe homo sexual means to be attracted to someone of the same “gender”; that, however is true too, since the word ” gender” is derived from the latin word ” genus” meaning ” species”.

Thus it’s a good thing to be homosexual, to be attracted to human beings, as opposed to feeling attracted to animals, which could create some awkward looking species were we to mate with animals, i suppose.

I’m not sure what people are called who feel attracted to the same sex and outside of the official word, Homosexual, i don’t think there is a word for same sex attraction because it doesn’t seem to actually exist. Some use the word ”gay “, but gay means happy and has nothing to do with same-sex-attraction, either.

The evidence is overwhelming that actual same sex attraction does not exist, and here are some examples.
IF… males were indeed attracted to males, why are they so feminine ? The more feminine a gay male behaves and acts the greater the attraction from another gay male.

If a man was genuinely attracted to a “man”, wouldn’t that imply that he is attracted to “masculinity” ? But a great majority of gay men aren’t masculine testosterone bursting individuals, but ne-plus ultra feminine with a demeanor resembling an extreme caricature of feminine bearing.

Therefore one could conclude that same sex oriented males are attracted to extremely feminine females, but because very feminine females have become a rarity, they choose to go with males acting the part.
Same goes for same sex oriented females. Were they actually attracted to females they’d hook up with incredibly feminine women. But they don’t. A great majority seek extremely ” masculine” looking and acting females. Some of the “butches”, as they’re called, are so over-the-top masculine that they, too, are a caricature of what they perceive to represent masculinity.

These females in relationships with an ultra macho femme, are actually attracted to very macho men, but appear not to be finding any, thus some women have to act that part so they too can have partners. And some Homo species are lucky to have found a feminine person with a female gender, or a masculine person with a male gender, and if that isn’t a gay occasion, i don’t know what is.



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