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Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s little boo boo

When Christmas day falls on a Friday

by Korifaeus

We all know what happened when Miss Elena Kagan had to answer questions from different Senators in 2010 after being nominated for the Supreme court. But one very important factor was never mentioned. And there was far more to my very favorite question, asked by Sen. Lindsey Graham, a question that made the headlines.

As a reminder.
” Where were you on Christmas day 2009?” ( paraphrasing), asked Senator Graham.
His question appeared to be related to the Christmas bomber’s plot of 2009, or rather that seemed to be the obvious reason for his question. I found the question superb. It was the most astute, and from a judicial point of view, most skillful question asked throughput the entire hearing.

Remember, it was not an audition for ” America’s wittiest comedian”, nor for ” Funniest and most sympatico U.S. Judge”. It was a committee hearing for a seat in the highest Judicial court of the United States, the Supreme Court.
At first glance her answer was a winner.”Like most Jews i was probably at a Chinese Restaurant for dinner” ( paraphrasing), she said. It was fast witted. It was sympatico; a self-deprecating stereotyping quip. What’s not to like ? It’s delightful to see someone with a good sense of humor. Thus as a “person” she made an all around pleasant impression on most of the public. As a “person”, that is.

As a Judge she failed that question miserably because of “carelessness”, and lack of “thoroughness.” As a “Judge” she should have taken the time to take a quick look at a calendar or her private note book/calendar, only so to show the committee she is taking the questions serious. Had she done that, she would have seen that Christmas day of 2009 fell on a Friday. Most Jewish people ( Religiously observant, not secular), regardless of Christmas or any other Christian holiday, spend Friday nights at home for ”Shabbat Dinner”.

“Oops ” 😉



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