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IRAN, losing its audience

The Iran series

by Korifaeus

I haven’t watched news, nor read the papers in a long time and only on rare occasion i check some of the headlines. Every time i check, which is very rarely, i see the Iran headlines and am stunned that it’s still about the nuclear bomb scare from Iran.
It’s like a joke without a punch line. Three man walk into a bar…
” Yeah, and then … ?” – ” That was the joke.” – ” Oh c’mon.”

Who are the writers of that Iran series? That series should have never gotten a distribution deal. It should never have been on the air. It’s still in development stage. Who is in charge of development at the news studios ?
Soap operas have more plot lines than that series. And it’s a news series, meaning it should have the best writers, producers, sets, make-up AND plot lines. But there aren’t any.

And just look at who was cast to play the President of Iran ? Ahmadinejad ?
He was great in Zapata, really – terrific character actor – also in Zorba the Greek – a small part, but very believable, not to forget The treasure of Sierra Madre – but playing a President of Iran is a very different kind of character acting.
*Kabir Bedi – of *Sandokan fame – great mini series of the seventies – would have been a terrific choice. Nothing against Ahmadinejad, as i stated, terrific character actor. But to cast him as President of Iran ?

And what about make-up, not to mention wardrobe ? Did someone forget a tie ? I’m aware of the production cuts – but a tie ? He’s playing the President of Iran and Teheran. I’ve never been there but i hear is a sophisticated city with universities and elegantly dressed people (?)

Think ratings. The Nielsen ratings on the Iran series dropped from a 58 to 19 per household share. That’s a big loss in audience. People want to see some action. Is Superman gonna get the bad guys or not ? Otherwise it’s like the never ending teaser.
There need be a surprise ending, like the great Superman finale DC comics fans have long been waiting for. Where suddenly, just as it appears Superman is overpowered by the worst ever bad guys with Kryptonite, Superman reveals that he made everyone believe Kryptonite is the only weapon against him, so the bad guys concentrate on Kryptonite and begin manufacturing it. It turns out Superman needs Kryptonite – an element from his home planet Krypton – he needs it for his survival, but had he let people in on that secret, the bad guys would have destroyed all the kryptonite. But pretending it’s his only weakness, the bad guys manufactured it in tons, thus unbeknownst to them they assured Superman’s survival.

That would be my favorite Superman finale. My point being, to increase the ratings on the Iran series, there need be a surprise twist to the series, otherwise, if the ratings go any lower, the networks are going to drop it, or move it to a, 1 am to 3 am time slot, which is almost worse than being canceled for a once top rated show.
Seriously, the show has promise – it could be something – all it needs is a an interesting and ” unpredictable” twist.

” RRRiiiiiing ” ( Telephone)
Me picking up the telephone:
” Yes, hello, this is Leagan …? You like ? Oh, please, it’s free of charge. Anytime.
You’re welcome.”;)



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