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Judgement Day at last, at last

We’ve finally arrived
by Korifaeus

It was the second time i’ve seen “dog strollers” today, here in New York city, Manhattan, a city with probably the most dogs in the world. It’s impossible to walk a street in Manhattan without seeing at least 2 people walking their dog or dogs.

Two women, approx. in their early sixties, strolled their two dogs – a white poodle and a miniature maltese, or such, passed Lincoln Center. These Dog strollers, outfitted with a soft cushy mattress (covered with a fashionable linen) and a baby-carriage-like sunshade, so the dogs won’t get a sun burn, were so remarkably manufactured they could easily be mistaken for baby carriages.

Just then it struck me and i instantaneously recalled theories of animal worship regarding ancient Egypt. Statues of cats and other animals giving birth to theories that these ancient people engaged in animal worship.

In our time, the 21st century, people buy sculptures of animals all the time. Cats, dogs, fish, lions, horses and the list goes on. There are dog and cat hotels for frequent travelers to leave their highly worshipped pets. And what about those exquisitely looking cat-food commercials on TV, with the cat’s favorite gourmet food served on an elegant porcelain dish, garnished with a branch of parsley ?

Is it possible that we judge ancient Egyptians by ourselves, since it seems that we’re the worshippers of animals, now dressing our pets in fancy outfits aka DoGautier, or CatSaint Laurent ?

Note: When i write *we, i’m generalizing, referring to present day folks, even though many, including myself, don’t engage in pet-love extreme.

Thus i pondered if, perhaps, those ancient Egyptians left relics, petrographs, documents and sculptures for us, in the future, to know when exactly we’ll arrive in the time of ” Judgement day” – the time when the “Dead” will rise and judge – because curiously enough only those left a book titled, ” The book of the Dead” behind, and “Judgement day” refers to the time when the dead shall “rise, being “resurrected” and mankind will be judged.

Thus if these ancient people, whoever they may be or have been, created clues for us to know when the DEAD shall rise, we seem to have arrived. The wall paintings depict “multinational” societies, with people of different colors and cultures mingling.
There are dark-skinned people, brown-skinned people, yellowish, light/fair, some with straight hair, other with curly hair, and each wearing different clothing according to their cultures. Many sport “flip-flops”, too.

Of course those days, especially in Egypt, could have been multicultural, but it may well have also been a calculation on their part, that the end will arrive when the “circle” is completed, similar to that of a clock = it starts at 12 and ends at 12 when the circle is completed.

If someone of the future observed what we may leave behind, no doubt they’d interpret our societies, especially in western Metropolitan cities, as those of a people worshipping many Gods, due to the different houses of worship of the different Religions. They’ll uncover Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Hindu temples, as well as all the different statues, aside from incense and candles placed in front of these statues, possibly being interpreted as Gods – idols people kneeled before, the same way we interpret the societies of old as those of worshippers of many Gods.

Considering that those Ancient Egyptians left well-kept mummies behind and we’re able to “resurrect” the Dead of those days with the science available to us – cloning them from their own cells – they may after all, hold Judgement day, even if it’s just to see if the “puzzles” they left behind for us to solve, were solved correctly = how the pyramids were built, who these people were, etc.

If that’s the case and Judgement Day is about solving puzzles, plus hopefully this coming Sunday – because the date would make it less scary – me wanna get to heaven, thus dear Judges, i hope i made it on time, i herewith submit my theory: ” i think the easiest way to build a pyramid like the one in Giza, is to build an enormous structure with wood and styrofoam, then cover it – in ways of modern day set design for movies – with a cement/sand like plaster, to make it look real, which could have been done in the early twentieth century to pull a practical joke on people, to see what theories people come up with, rather than slaves pulling gigantic stones with ropes over ” tree trunks” through the “desert”. 😉



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