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The “wisest” choice for President

How to choose a President

By Korifaeus

Every four years we have the opportunity to pick and pick on a new President. But before picking on a President we first have to pick one. This campaign season is one of the most important seasons to vote for a new President because Prince William and his Bride have been trying to take the lime light away from the United States.

The most important feature to look for when “wisely” choosing a President is “LOOKS”. Specifically, ” Good Looks”.
We, as a people of this incredible country, the United States, can not allow shallowness to take third or fourth place, because not taking “looks” into consideration when choosing a President, would reflect negatively on our country.

It should not be about parties. It should not be about Republicans, Democrats or any other parties that may exist but will never have a say in the Capital. Nor should it be what a candidate may have said regarding Geopolitical enemies, etc. (That’s always taken out of context, to sell papers, and don’t we know it)
It should be about something IMPORTANT. It should be about looks. Thus let’s take a look at the Candidates. There is the current President Barak Hussein Obama, who’s been terrific as far as getting us more acquainted with our Muslim brothers and sisters, receiving their respect for we’re the only country in the western world featuring a President with a Muslim name.

Aside from that, he ties his ties beautifully and wears well fitting shirts. No doubt it may possibly be Mrs. Michele Obama who ties his knot, but regardless of who does it, it looks fabulous, and THAT’s what makes our country great. Not to mention his smile, which is one of the best smiles this country has ever seen on a President. Word is, President Obama is running for Office again and should this country wish to have some change, voters must choose someone who looks at least as good as President Obama.

It’s not about political savvy, intelligence, world know-how, or what a President REALLY stands for; those things are secondary. What is important is “looks”. 
To look “Presidential” to make this country stand out. Make the President, our President, stand out while standing next to other leaders of other countries at G8 meetings, and whatever those get-togethers are called.
Ask yourself this: How will Newt Gingrich look next to Prince William and his Bride ?
How will Michele Bachmann look standing next to Sarcozy, the President of France, and his Gorgeous Supermodel Wife ?

Here’s what i did to be absolutely objective. I cut all the Presidential candidates out of Magazines and placed the cut-outs next to photos of international leaders. Should the leader of this most powerful country not be the best looking, most attractive leader in the world ?

The only one who truly stood out, making me feel proud to be an American, was Mitt Romney. ( He also has the best name. It has SOUND-APPEAL; very important).
He looks Presidential. He has that certain something that could make our country NOT the envy of the world (for that would be one of the seven deadly sins), rather something truly meaningful. Those unfamiliar with the United States, due to not having access to the Internet, will see him, Mitt Romney, amongst leaders and ask:
” Who is that Handsome man with that Gary Cooper meets Cary Grand appeal ?”

These folks will be told:” That’s the President of the United States.”.

Then these folks will ask: “What’s the United States ?”, to which they’ll be told:” That’s the country where New York is located”, to which these folks will utter utterly surprised: “Really ? And they have handsome people like that in the Unites States ? I LOVE AMERICA.”

Before we know it, this, our precious country will be the most beloved country on the planet. Why ? Because WE have the best looking President. And that will further our economy because people all over the world would want to buy products made in the USA. But he’s also the smartest, has a good business sense, which we need right now, is a gentlemen, is a family man, a good husband, has a very lovely looking wife who can make an exemplary first lady, AND has Good looks. What more can we ask for ?

Not convinced yet ?
Ask yourself this: How will Ron Paul look, standing next to Carla Bruni, President Sarcozy’s wife ?



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