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The highly controversial Pentagon

Geometrically correct

by Korifaeus

The Pentagon is one of the most peculiar things. Not just to me, but most everyone familiar with geography… no, that’s not what it’s called, sorry, geometry.
A Triangle is called triangle because it has three corners and is, oh here we go again, from latin, meaning three.
The Hexagon has six corners, and though the latin word for six is sex, the reason as to why the geometric figure with six corners isn’t called Sexagon, rather Hexagon, speaks for itself i suppose, so people don’t mistake it for something kinky.
The Septagon has seven corners, as the latin word for Sept meaning seven, suggests. And the Octagon has eight corners as the latin word Oct for eight suggests. The latin word for five is Quinque, thus a geometric figure baring five corners should, by all means, be called a Quinqcagon, but it’s not. It’s called a Pentagon.

There are many possibilities why it’s not called a Quinqcagon. The word Quinque is pronounced kin’kae, which could be mistaken for kinky. To call a Pentagon a Kinkagon could be misunderstood the same way a Sexagon could be misunderstood.
The word Pen is derived from the latin word for feather, Penae (not pasta) The reason why we call a pen a pen is because people used to write with feathers. To call a Quinqcagon a Pentagon may suggest that whoever is associated with a Pentagon is somehow involved in writing, thus a writer.

The most famous Pentagon in our world is, well, the Pentagon. Should it be true that it does in fact stand for Pen, as in feather, referring to writing, one could easily assume that those in the Pentagon do a lot of writing. And if so, there must be an enormous amount of creative folks working in the Pentagon.
Now wouldn’t that make a lot of sense ? It would make so much more sense than what the public believes is going on in the Pentagon. While all sorts of conspiracy theories are spread, speculating as to what those folks are doing in the Pentagon, they’re actually just writing.

The most creative department in the world. A complex employing nothing but writers to come up with the best imagination has to offer. From fairy tales, to suspenseful genres, science fiction, love stories and dramas, even news stories to then be filmed and broadcast world-wide, because people want to see and hear news.But since the world is actually a rather peaceful place and not all that exciting for those craving to see special reports and breaking news about altercations, natural catastrophes, someone has to come up with something so people won’t be bored.

Thank goodness there’s blue screens, greens screens and animation technologies, as well as the creative folks in the Pentagon, able to supply new stories by the minute, so people have something to watch, read and ponder about; for what would they do without TV, Papers, Books and Movies, all of which are the creations of writers.
We owe a lot to writers. We owe a lot to the Pentagon, but they don’t always get the credit. Perhaps they don’t like to take the credit and prefer sitting or standing in the background, observing all and everything to be inspired and have something to write about.

Perhaps it was the writers in the Pentagon, after all, creating their own myth from which all those odd conspiracy theories developed, because they wished to remain anonymous and keep the whole writing business at the Pentagon private; for if the world would ever find out that wars only exist on TV and movies, and most of the world has been living peacefully side by side for quite a long time now, they’d have to wonder why they believed these fictional stories, so far-fetched, as though human beings could actually be that barbarian and fight one another, in the first place.

But, in order for no one to question themselves, nor their own thoughts; those incredibly imaginative people played the bad guys, never to oppose the rumors about the Pentagon, so everyone else could feel good about themselves.
Yup, me thinks it’s called a Pentagon instead of a Quinqcagon, so to indicate it’s the headquarter of the writers of this world. Of course it’s also possible that i want to believe that, because that would mean that all is but theater, and the world is truly a place we share, living peacefully side by side.

Is there anything better than feeling safe, having fun, laughter and…
…i’ll look into the possibilities as to why the Hexagon is called a Hexagon.
You bet ye…



2 comments on “The highly controversial Pentagon

  1. whatidesiredtosay1
    March 30, 2012

    Loved it! Good job.

    • korifaeus
      March 30, 2012

      Thank you

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