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Major News that never made the Papers

Van Gogh’s Roman

by Korifaeus

Some news never made the papers years and years ago. Either a journalist forgot to drop of a briefing at the publisher, or the postal dove went on strike before delivering a note, or the currier forgot to pick up an article at a journalist’s home. Thus some important news briefings didn’t reach the public and speculations came about as to what may have occurred some time back.

The following news briefing was supposed to have been printed a long time ago, but, …better late than never, right ?
Diagnosis: A Roman called Tinitus

16 Juli 1876

The Flemish painter, Vincent van Gogh, continues to suffer even after the seventh visit to an ear, nose and throat specialist. For years now he’s been hearing ringing in his right ear, which makes it impossible for him to sleep.
” Keene Nacht meer kan ik slaapen”, said Van Gogh to his Doctor, quoth the nurse, who coincidentally is also the wife of the good Doctor, willing to divulge the information. ( Translation: There isn’t a night i’m able to sleep.)

Since the Doctor was unable to reduce the symptoms, quoth the nurse, he sent Mister Van Gogh to a specialist. And though the specialist was able to diagnose the symptom, as ” Tinitus”, which sounds a lot like the name of a Roman Emperor, he was unable to cure him of the constant ringing in his right ear.

“Van Gogh has now been suffering for years and the sound is driving him insane”, said the specialist. “I just hope he’s not going to cut off his ear”, he continued, “ because one day Van Gogh asked me if the ringing would go away were he to undergo surgery, removing the ear. I told him that it won’t make any difference because the sound originates from a nerve, it being just a rapid vibration of a nerve which won’t change even if the ear was be removed”, quoth the specialist.

” I suspect he didn’t believe me, or doesn’t want to believe me, and possibly tries to remove the ear himself because the ringing in his ear is driving him crazy, causing him insomnia”, quoth the specialist.
We wish Mister Van Gogh all the best and hope that the ringing in his ear will get better and eventually subside.



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