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Why Abraham wasn’t Jewish

Was Judah’s father Jewish ?
by Korifaeus

According to general/standard interpretations the Jewish people are descendants of the tribe of Judah. The tribe of Judah is said to be one of the twelve tribes of the nation of Israel – Israel being the name given to Jacob by God.

Thus the tribe of Pan, oops, forgive me, i mean Dan, Joseph, Benjamin, etc., the eleven other sons of Jacob are Israelites, belonging to the Nation of Israel, aren’t Jewish, for Jewish is supposed to refer to the tribe of Judah, one of the sons of Jacob.

Since Judah was the son of Jacob, Jacob couldn’t possibly have been Jewish, if, as it’s stated, being Jewish, ergo the Jewish people, means to be the descendants of Judah. Jacob came before Judah, thus couldn’t have been Jewish.

Jacob’s father Isaac, too, couldn’t have been Jewish, nor Isaac’s father Abraham, since Judah was Jacob’s son, Isaac’s grandson and Abraham’s great-grandson. Nor was Isaac an Israelite, since Israel, ( Jacob) came after Isaac – Jacob being Isaac’s son.

Thus Abraham was neither Jewish nor an Israelite, him being the grandfather of Jacob, named Israel, and the great-grandfather of Judah. Abraham was, however, a Hebrew, according to Genesis 14: 13.

Are the eleven other tribes welcomed in the State of Israel, since it’s called a ” Jewish” state ? Or does the word “Jewish” refer to the Religion ” Judaism”, rather than the tribe of Judah ?
It seems far more plausible that the word “Jewish” refers to the religion, because a lot of people “convert” to Judaism, which wouldn’t be possible if the tribe was meant.

How would one be able to convert, as in, becoming part of a tribe, a family tree ?
Though a peach tree is related to an almond tree – a cucumber is related to a watermelon, how does one turn sugar cane into a maple tree ?

And during a Seder ( Passover meal) when commemorating the Exodus out of Egypt, do those, having converted to the tribe of Judah, thank God for having led “them” out of Egypt to the Holy Land, or do they thank God for having led the “Jewish” people out of Egypt, or do they thank God for having lead the ” Israelites” out of Egypt, since Passover is a religious holiday of the Jewish people, not however, of the other tribes of the Nation of Israel ?

And what about the Hebrews ? Do they celebrate Passover, too – since it’s a Jewish Holiday and not all Hebrews are Jewish, as we’ve established earlier – or not ?



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