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Thank Goodness for Climate Change

Subtropical Winters
by Korifaeus

New Yorkers and some other folks on the east coast, having enjoyed one of the best winters we ever had, aren’t complaining. Those who’ve experienced the 2010/11 winter, which by the way wasn’t nearly as bad as it was made out to be in the press, were thrilled this last winter. There was exactly one day of snow shoveling all winter long.

In 2010/11 we had normal winter days and the streets in some parts of Brooklyn and other areas outside of Manhattan weren’t cleaned, with some people unable to get to work. Which is what happens in winter. Thus those who were unable to get to work had a few days off. But the 2010/11 winter wasn’t even close to some winters we’ve experienced in the past. How fast people forget.

I clearly remember Blizzard of 93, because i had to be at work at 8 AM in the morning during that Blizzard. No subways, no busses, no cabs were driving. I had to walk forty blocks, rushing to work. No one made it on time during that Blizzard, but people were polite, courteous and understanding, which is the attitude that comes about during catastrophes. Catastrophes of any kind bring out the very best in good people and the very worst in bad people. And New York, during Blizzard 93, as far as i’ve witnessed was for the most part inhabited by fantastic people with great character.

It was a joy to get through that Blizzard, as well as the one of 96. No one complained; people worked with one another and no one pointed fingers as to whose fault it was the cabs, busses and subways weren’t driving. It was TRUE New York attitude. What New York stands and stood for = “We’ll get through it.”

Winters in New York can be tough and with the wind blowing, freezing cold. This winter we had none of that. It was extra ordinary. Sunny days for the most part, i am grateful climate change is finally here.

Now that may be a shocker to some environmentalists, but its a good sign we’re experiencing climate change, because it means the earth is still rotating in the right direction – around itself, around the sun and the pole shifting periodically as well. It’s a fine and very dependable machine our planet.

Climate change has occurred since the beginning of time. The pole shifts from time to time. When speaking of ” ice ages”, it didn’t occur on the entire planet, rather a former pole began melting, while an area south-west or north-east of a former pole turned into an arctic climate.

It’s a way for the earth to ” heal ” itself. Some areas freeze, which kills bacteria, viruses, germs having infected some species, etc. And once all is well again, it begins warming up with another part of the earth undergoing the freezing treatment.

That’s why i’m welcoming climate change, which finally has reached New York, as well. No more snow shoveling. No more Blizzards. Turning hopefully into a subtropical climate with dry heat instead of humidity during the summers.

And to the environmentalists believing in Global warming i say, Have you no shame ? Think of the polar bears of the north pole, now sunning themselves, happy to shed their white fur, slowly mutating into sand-colored hairy giants with a far more pleasant, if not to say, sunny personality, as opposed to the dangerous and aggressive species they once were when still deprived of the sun’s vitamin D inducing UV light.
They, too, would want to experience a little joy de vivre.



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