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So, you wanna wear a Uniform ?

Gold lanyards and ribbon bars
by Korifaeus

“So, you wanna wear a Uniform ? Come to New York.” More specific, “Come to New York and become a Doorman.”

No General of any military – internationally that is – nor Admiral, not even the Marines, have as imposing a Uniform as New York’s Doormen.

If a Doormen’s union of New York had a parade with everyone wearing their uniform, one would believe it’s a parade of the world’s highest ranking Generals and Admirals. Really, they should have a Doormen’s parade in New York with an oompah-pah band.

High ranking officials, about to go to a ball and dressed to the ninth, start feeling very humble when having to pass by our Doormen. Many wear – and i’m not kidding – gold lanyards. I’m seriously considering to add “ribbon bars” to the traditional Christmas tip, for their jackets.

In fact, once the ribbon bars are in place, should some south American or north African countries need to cast a new Dictator, they could cast some of our Doormen, many of whom are terrific actors and the mere appearance of their uniforms demands utmost respect.



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