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John Lennon still alive

Surreal Dreams
by Korifaeus

I’m one of those über-rationalists who give most everything the benefit of doubt, as the nickname my friends gave me = D.A.G., meaning Devil’s Advocate General, implies – but try to find, for what many consider “paranormal” events, a scientific, realistic and logical explanation. Same as with “synchronicity” pondered about by Jung and Schopenhauer, which is easily explained with one word = perception. Those paying attention to details perceive synchronicity of events, while those not paying too much attention to the world around them, won’t perceive it.

Whatever it is we suddenly pay attention to, due to liking, even fearing something, we suddenly see a distinct detail about it most everywhere. Lilly falls in love with Lowell and suddenly she finds a lot of males are named Lowell, which she never before observed, believing its a sign from the heavens, a paranormal event – but actually it’s because she never payed attention to that name before, etc.

Some time ago i put on a beard, enhancing my eye brows, for a Prof Dr. Korifaeus sketch ( Prof Dr. Korifaeus is a puppet) , and putting on some metal frame glasses i happen to have, and wow, it was so funny to me that i as a girl in drag for a funny video suddenly resembled John Lennon, so that i made a funny video out of it for a friend who’s a big Beatles and specifically John Lennon fan.

I lip-synced ” In My life”, which is my friend’s favorite Beatles’ song and after sending it to him, i decided it was so funny, resembling John Lennon, me being a girl, i put it on youtube. But due to the music track it infringed on Music license rights, which i don’t want to do, thus yesterday i took out the music and looped some different voices over it.

Here’s Thumbnail of the Video

Last night, most probably because i’d worked on that video, reminding me of John Lennon, he came to me in a dream, poetically speaking = i dreamed of him. It was extra ordinarily real. It was not the John Lennon, looking like the one in the late sixties with beard, long hair and Lennon glasses, rather sporting the new haircut of the early sixties. The young John Lennon.

If you’ve ever experienced dreams so incredibly real one keeps remembering, even “feeling”, throughout the day and for years to come, that’s the sort of dream i had.

Whatever it was that brought it on, he looked me in the eye then said, ” I’ll tell you something. It’s a wig”.

” What’s a wig”, i asked, not following.

” This”, he said, touching his hair.

” Those haircuts are wigs ?” i asked, very surprised.

” No, just mine”, he said, looking into my eyes, reassuringly.

” How come ?” i asked

” Because my hair started falling out and a wig was too obvious, so they all got a haircut just like the wig”, he explained, looking at me inquiringly, wondering if i’d still like him even if he was bald.

Then he told me that he was replaced because he also began gaining weight, becoming quite a bit what chubby, again looking at me if i could still like him, even if he was bald, plus chubby.

Before i could answer i woke up, but his inquiring look, the way he looked at me caused me pain, i felt so sorry for him – feeling terrible i woke up, unable to tell him that such things don’t matter, that i’d still like him for who he is.

I went back to sleep, hoping i’ll dream of him again, so to tell him what i wanted to say before waking up, just as it became interesting. It’s always like that; just as dreams become interesting, one suddenly wakes up. 😦

Back asleep i didn’t dream, or at least don’t remember, and when awaking this morning the John Lennon dream was still very much on my mind. Please bear in mind, should you be inclined to believe in Ghosts or the Paranormal, he did NOT speak to me, nor visited me in a dream. It was my sub-conscience, perhaps always having wondered about the haircut, subconsciously wondering if it could have been a wig.

I may’ve even subconsciously perceived the change in weight, but never consciously thought about it, and the part of being replaced came most probably about due to the sixties conspiracy theories of “Paul”, having been replaced – thus “my brain” ( not a ghost) created a dream by which an issue i may have been curious about, was finally addressed.

If there is any truth to it doesn’t even matter, it’s the past anyhow and it doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t even matter that it was but a dream. What matters is that it was a wonderful “experience” to have had this dream, experiencing a one on one with someone i liked, respected, as many of us did. People who’re no longer with us continue living in movies, videos, sound tracks and our memories, in which they’re still very much alive – in my dream, too, he was still very much alive.

Now i’m hoping to dream of Albert Einstein, to ask him if its relative or not having dreamed of John Lennon. And after that i hope to dream of Schrödinger to ask him if he finally let the cat out of the sack, oops, i mean box, or not 😉



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